How it works

Search for points-of-interest, simple and easy.

Search and select points of interest called framies, create adventures and go explore
How it works

As simple as taking a picture with your smartphone.

Once there, you only need to take a picture with your phone and match it with the framie!
How it works

Grow as an adventurer, share with the world.

Have fun, grow as an adventurer, collect badges and achievements, and share it with the world.

Framie will challenge and guide you to discover and explore amazing places.

Explore astonishing places and collect the world in pictures
Be an adventurer.

Create your own adventures and share them with the world

Create, copy and share adventures. Add and remove framies to the adventures.

Start your journey Download now.


Grow as an adventurer and climb the rankings.

Match framies, complete adventures, interact with the community, like other matches, share your achievements to earn points, badges and rewards.
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0 points start
Everyone needs to start somewhere, and everyone starts the same.

There are lots of locations to discover in the app, but we want the entire world.

Locations will be added as soon as we have awesome new points of interest. If you know some, submit them and be rewarded as part of the community.
Framie Submissions

Know a new framie? Submit it!

Anywhere in the world
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