What is Framie?

Framie is a mobile social application that redesigns the way people collect the world. Framie’s users have access to a portfolio of thematic digital collections, which have predefined images (framies), for them to complete with their own pictures – just like a sticker album, a concept that is familiar to everyone.

Why should I use Framie?

Framie is an awesome way to explore the world around you. Not only do you get ideas on what to do and where to explore, you can use Framie as the simplest learning tool – learn by taking pictures and reading short descriptions for each framie.

What is a collection?

A collection is a group of photos (framies) that, as a whole, give you an adventure. Each collection is a game/challenge: you have to take a picture of each framie, which will be unique because it has your own perspective. Different collections can have different subjects, difficulties and lengths, so that there will always be one that is challenging enough for you.

What is a framie?

A framie consists of a placeholder picture, which identifies an element inside a collection. Besides the picture, framies have a title, description and – sometimes – a location. This is what you have to collect with your own picture.

What is Framie's portfolio of collections?

Framie’s collection portfolio is where all the collections are made available, by Framie, so that you can get and complete them. These collections are created by Framie or by Framie’s partners.

How many collections does Framie have?

Many! Collections from Framie’s portfolio are always increasing in number. The team works daily to put new and quality content in the portfolio.

How many collections can I complete?

As many as you can! There is no limit to the number of collections you can complete. Framie is designed so you can complete all collections and experience all the framies in a unique and personal way.

But can I be on the photos?

Of course you can! Framies that are available in the collections are a visual suggestion, but we want each user to give their personal touch to what they collect.

How does it work?

Framie works in a very simple way: first, you navigate the portfolio and get a collection you want to complete; here, the game begins! Now you have to find each item from this collection, take your own picture of it, and match it to the collection. After you’ve matched all the framies inside a collection, you complete it.

What is the difference between Framie’s portfolio (first screen) and my personal portfolio (second screen)?

Framie’s portfolio is a repository of all collections you can begin completing. Your personal portfolio is a list of the collections that you grabbed from Framie’s portfolio, through “get” (see next question), and that you are currently completing.

Your personal portfolio has two sections: active collections – those you are still trying to complete – and completed collections. To start matching your own photos to a collection, you first have to “get” a collection from Framie’s portfolio.

What is the “get”?

“Get” is the action of retrieving a collection from Framie’s portfolio, and adding it to your own personal portfolio. After adding a collection to your personal portfolio (by “getting” it), you can start taking pictures and matching them to a collection.

What is a “match”?

“Match” is the simple action of pairing a picture that you took yourself with a picture in a collection. Think of it as if you were stamping your picture on top of the placeholder. It is by making “matches” that you begin completing a collection.

How are photos validated?

There are several forms of validation. The first is purely social: when you match your photos with those in the collection, other users can see the before and after (if you have a public profile). Someone who makes matches of wrong photos will eventually be dissuaded by the community. On the other hand, using Framie in the wrong way brings no value to the user. Apart from this, we also have a photo filtering system, and we will soon implement an image recognition mechanism.

How do I complete a collection?

A collection is marked as completed once you have matched all the framies that are inside it. After you match the last framie, the collection is completed and goes to the “complete” tab of your personal portfolio.

Why should I complete collections?

There are many motivations to complete a collection, which vary from person to person. You may want to complete a collection due to the challenge (you can be the first, or take the most unique photos), learning (each frame has a “juicy” description), motivation to take action, or interaction with the community. Reasons aplenty!

What happens when I complete a collection?

When you complete a collection, it is marked as completed and goes to the “completed” tab of your personal portfolio. In collections sponsored by brands, you may receive a prize, depending on the challenge.

Can I create collections?

Users are not currently able to create collections. However, you can suggest collections that you would like to see in the application. Collections suggested by users that are interesting and in accordance with Framie criteria will be placed in the Framie portfolio and made available to the entire community, giving due credit to the author. You can suggest collections here: www.framieapp.com/suggest-collections

Is Framie like Instagram or Pinterest?

No. Framie is very different! In Instagram, the goal is to post photos that you take during the day, and follow those of your friends; in Pinterest, you look for and keep creative ideas; in Framie, you’re challenged to complete collections with your photos – like a game.

Can I change the app's language?

You can use Framie in different languages, but you do not change the language directly in the application – it is set according to the language of your iPhone. At this moment the application is available in English and Portuguese.

Is it possible to remove a photo that I uploaded?

Yes. You can remove an uploaded photo. Just enter the framie in question, press the “Info” button, open the options of the photo itself (three dots in the upper right corner) and choose “delete your photo”.

How do I remove a collection from my own portfolio?

At the moment it is not possible, but that is a feature that we plan to implement very soon.

What are brand collections?

Brand collections are collections created by brands that want to interact in a dynamic and fun way with their users and customers, promoting real actions with the brand itself.

Is Framie going to sell or use my photos?

No. We do not plan to sell the users’ photos. All user information is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

Can my profile be private?

Yes. Your profile can be private. When you have a private profile, only your followers can see your collections. To change the privacy of your profile, you have to access the Options screen in the application.

Who can see my collections?

It depends. If your profile is public, any user accessing your profile can view your collections. If your profile is private, only your followers can see your collections.

Can I complete collections with photos from the internet?

In theory, you can, but the goal is clearly not that! With Framie, the challenge is to be able to complete something by yourself. Much of the value of using Framie lies in you venturing around the world looking for the framies to photograph. Without that part … it loses its meaning. Do not forget that the photos submitted can be subject to validation.

Can I complete collections with photos that I took in the past?

Sure you can! You can always reuse photos you already took. However, much of the experience of using Framie lies in you venturing around the world looking for the framies to photograph. Avoid using simply photos that you already have – the challenge gets lost.

Is Framie free?

Yes, Framie is completely free.

Are there any ads on the app?

No. Framie does not show ads in the app. The only “advertising” we show is brand collections, but we believe that you will have fun, learn and interact a lot with the brands you identify with. And you know, you just have to “ get” the collections you like.

Does the app use excessive mobile data?

No. Framie consumes mobile data (if connected) but it does not excessively use mobile data. Anyway, you can always use wi-fi.

Can I use Framie without internet access?

No, given the features of the application, it only works with internet access.

Are the pictures that I take using Framie saved on my smartphone?

No, but it’s a feature we plan to implement very briefly.

Is Framie available in iOS and Android?

At the moment Framie is available on iOS, but we expect to briefly launch the application on Android.

How can I report a problem or give my feedback?

We are grateful if you report any issues you encounter, and that you give us your feedback. You can do it, inside the app, through your profile screen, pressing the button of the “three points” in the upper right corner, and choosing “Give Feedback” or “Report Problem”.