Framie is a mobile app that challenges you to complete thematic collections using your own pictures.

Framie - Collect the World

Browse Collections

Framie’s porfolio has collections from many subjects – nature, tourism, cooking, family… All tailored for a great experience.

Framie - Collect the World

Get a Collection

When you find a collection that you like, you just have to add it to your personal portfolio. Now you can start collecting!

Framie - Collect the World

Match Your Own Photos

To start completing a collection, you simply have to match your own pictures to the collection. Simple, quick and fun!

Framie - Collect the World

Complete the Collection

After you have matched every framie from the collection, you complete it. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment!


We are a Portuguese startup that is redesigning the way people collect.

Whatever its origins and functions, collecting things has given people pleasure for as long as we have records. Who doesn’t remember the pleasure and sense of pride of completing a collection during childhood? Collecting provides a purposeful pursuit which prevents boredom, entices learning and exploring, and potentiates interaction between people with the same interests.

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